“hello, world”

The “hello, world” program is one of the first things aspiring programmers learn. It introduces them to some of the basics of their programming language’s syntax, all just to display “hello, world” on their screens. (Source: “Hello, World!” Program, Wikipedia)

This is my “hello, world.”

My name’s Jon, and I’m putting together this blog mainly because there’s a whole lot of science out there, and I fancy myself a teacher. No, really, I was a high school science teacher in a past life. At this time, I’m writing as a graduate student, which means I’ve been doing some teaching as well. I love teaching science because, like most people, I think it’s cool. I’m a chemist by education, but all the sciences are awesome, not just the ‘hard’ sciences that people talk about like physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, and so forth (this means there is such thing as a ‘soft’ science, and I’ll get to that in a later post).

OK, little light on the introduction, but I don’t talk about myself that much very often. Oh, well.

“hello, world”



  1. Hey Jon! Love the style you chose for your intro! Definitely brings back some good (and also not-so-good) memories of when I first started coding in java. Can’t wait to follow along! It’s actually so fascinating that you chose to go back to school after having a career as a high school teacher. Kudos to you for the dedication to education and life-long learning! 🙂

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