An apology

A lot of non-science related things have happened to yours truly this week, including a couple of medical emergencies (not me personally) and some employment-related things. Sadly, not only have they not all resolved yet, but that took away precious time not just from working on a couple of posts on sci.casual, but hanging out in the Community Pool, First Friday, and my usual random blog-diving.

Thus, I have to apologize – there won’t be a new post on Monday as scheduled. I’ve got a couple of studies on deck, but I haven’t finished reading them, writing about them, and engaging in my usual smartaleckery. As the issues resolve and I get back into the swing of blogging (and I better bounce back quick – I was recently Discovered and now my blog’s exploded), I’ll have more time to read some research again. More time to write again. More time to snark on science and blog-dive again. More time to sci.casual again. On that note, more time to figure how to correctly use ‘sci.casual‘ as a verb rather than a noun. We’re sticklers for proper grammar here (even though we’re not always proper about it – I will still not apologize for pun headlines).

Next Monday, we return to normal service because some researchers have done some mind-reading on dogs. Either that, or some other researchers have come up with self-healing clothes. You bet there’s an exit strategy for my current situation once the dust settles: back to the coffee shop, back to sci.casual. Back in a week!

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