Something casual this way comes…

This is still science-related, it’s just that there’s some blog-related business that must be attended to before I go back to work as well as read up on another post I’m working on, mainly on some research that shows how else water is a weird, weird thing. First off, I’ve been sitting on this one for a little too long…

(author unknown)

Suze of Obsolete Childhood nominated yours truly for the Sunshine Blogger Award! This is going to be weird to people who know me in real life, since I’m not known for being a ray of sunshine. Rather, I’m better known as the silver lining around every dark cloud that, once in a while, touches the earth with its radiance. Anyway, I’d like to thank Suze for the recognition – it’s nice to know that my readers are still reading the words of a scientist-come-smart-aleck every Monday morning (well, here in the States anyway when the posts go up). Per the rules, there’s some questions I’ve got to answer, and here they are:

When was the first time you fell in love and was it “true” love? Ugh, getting terrible middle school flashbacks…

What are you truly passionate about? You’d think science, and you’re right, but there’s more to just science that I’m truly passionate about – it’s talking science with people. I’ve talked to enough researchers over the years, and it’s been great, but I need to see other people. I need to talk science with other people. Demos with kids, chatting with their parents, sciencing with grown-ups, I want to talk science with the world! What’s the point of doing science if you’re only doing it for other scientists, I say.

What is one of your “guilty” pleasures? Cookies, but I don’t feel guilty about it. Boosh.

What is the thing that “bugs” or “bothers” you the most? Despite my sarcastic demeanor, I don’t want to actually harm people (well, unless it’s for the greater good of science and I’ve got electrodes lying around). That’s why I’m bothered by people who don’t know how to cross the street. I live in a college town, and I’ve nearly hit fourteen pedestrians – all college students – in the five-ish years I’ve lived here. All of them crossing during my green light, and always seem to dart into from between parked cars. It makes me wonder sometimes if natural selection is still being taught in high school biology, or this is the product of a generation that must always achieve, and there’s a prize for crossing the street like this.

What was your most embarrassing moment? Oh, I’ve had a few, but the most embarrassing moment? I’m not bringing that up here, dear readers. Sorry, but Jonny’s keeping this one (until he forgets it after years of suppression).

Who do you admire? Why? Stephen Hawking. When there’s something in science that you truly and deeply like, nothing will get in your way.

What one thing do you want to change? The clothes in my closet (and that’s how we work the Featured image in – that’s blogging, baby!). A lot of them were from 90 pounds (a touch under 41 kilo for all you SI people, which is like everyone else in the planet) ago, and turning an entire wardrobe is costly. Good thing there’s an H&M in my town.

What is the strangest dream you have ever had? Think of every fever nightmare you’ve ever had. Vivid dreams about your fears, your anxieties, and the darker demons of the human condition. Now, imagine if they all happened at the same time. Instead of scary, it ended up being absurd. How on earth do you go back to bed after watching a six-headed, bat-winged demon filing for bankruptcy? (I should also mention that I was under powerful cold medications, and I’m not ever doing that again on purpose)

What is your favorite season and why? Autumn, but only because it appeals to the romantic intellectual in me. It’s likely because I associate autumn with a lot of stereotypical pictures of American universities, where fall foliage mingles with Federal architecture:

(Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain, Author: Kane1587)

What is your most unique quality or trait? People have told me it’s my voice, that I seem to have a radio-announcer voice, I should do voice-over work, put up a podcast or even a YouTube video. That then, leads me to my next announcement: in the coming months (not sure if it will be this year since it’s almost over, but hey), I will be developing sci.casual into a YouTube channel. That’s right, Jonny’s going to make his on-screen debut! Whatever that means for the world.

(Author: Jonny)

(yes, I have a face, but the people who follow me @sci_jonny have seen it anyway, so it’s no major surprise)

Don’t worry, sci.casual the blog will still be my main deal. This is all part of the development – what will I do with sci.casual the YouTube channel that will be different from, yet complements, sci.casual the blog? I’ve got a few ideas of my own, but if you’ve got some, dear readers (especially dear people following this thing), please let me know.

And before I go, I need to nominate some bloggers for this award in no particular order. Same questions, though.

I first nominate Brent at The Math Less Traveled because you all need some math in your life (and it’s coming from an assistant professor, so there’s some authority for you). You could also check out Stephen at Scientist Sees Squirrel if you want to know more about how scientists communicate with the world. Or maybe you’re more into video games, and would much rather talk gaming and gear with two girls making their way in the gaming world, hm? Or you just want to think and talk about randomly complicated things, because it’s fun like unraveling a ball of yarn? (I own cats, it looks to be fun)

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons (CC-BY-SA-40 International, Author: Kotivalo)


  1. I’m impressed by a grad student who has time to blog. The final year of my thesis I decided that exercise had to go if I wanted to graduate. Thanks for the advice on resizing my photos. I am already doing that but still figuring out the WordPress ropes. Congrats on the award and for sharing the joys of good science.

    Liked by 1 person

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