Some upcoming developments

As 2016 winds down, a some of my loftier goals that I’ve been having are drawing near completion. For starters, I’m winding up my doctoral defense – by the end of November, there’s a chance I’ll be blogging as Dr. Jonny from sci.casual, which sounds a lot better than what I initially planned as my online alias, “Dr. Jonny (redacted).” To be honest, if I ever started a gaming channel, I would probably use that as my online handle, but it’s likely to be taken already. If it isn’t, it’s about to be, now that I’ve mentioned it. This also means that I’ll have to find another coffee shop to post from.

Speaking of channels, before the year is over, I will have a channel up on YouTube, but I’m not posting any links until I’ve produced at least one video. I’m gathering the videos and images I want to use (as I’ve told several people in the Pool and on First Friday, Creative Commons is the best thing to happen to blogging since the coffee shop), selecting a theme song (and here’s the leading candidate, just need to purchase the license) and practicing my voice for the inevitable voice-over work that I’ll be doing in my own videos, and I may as well – I have no idea if I’ll be a voice actor in a later life, and that’s an awesome side hustle to have, so who knows? In between studying for my inevitable defense and practicing for it, I’ve been studying up on copyright law, Creative Commons licensing (which I’m still learning, and realizing that I’ve been doing that incorrectly in my previous posts), and how to put together a video that people may want to watch or at least have in the background while they’re listening to mine beautiful (HAH!) voice. This will cause delays in my usual Monday postings here in sci.casual, but then again I’m still trying to figure out whether this will still be my main, or will sci.casual the YouTube channel will be my main and this will be my behind-the-scenes blog. I’ll have time enough later on to read some more papers that I can put up here. I’m in the middle of an interesting study on a mathematical model of when scientists are able to release their greatest and best work. Yes, it’s scientific research on scientific research.

Wikimedia Commons (CC-BY-SA-30 Unported, Author: DarKobra, 2010)

(hoping that reference doesn’t fall flat – and I just realized that I’ve made a pun, geez…)

Regardless what happens from here on out, I’ve got to stay true to the mission here at sci.cas – there’s a lot of science out there, and I want people to get in on the conversation, even if they’re not researchers and they don’t have all the training and the jargon. They have some knowledge of the sciences as well as a vested interest in what their tax dollars are going into, so why not let them in the conversation? They might learn something, and it always feels good when you learn something (and this is knowledge that has been peer-reviewed for publishing, which gives it even more credibility).

Until then, looks like my coffee breaks at my local shop will be filled with more studying and less blog production for now. But that’s OK – I’ve only been blogging for a few months, soon producing YouTube videos, about to embark on a different career, so who knows how this will all play out. ‘Til then, stay smart and professional (especially all those who have a job and/or a career), but relax and be casual every once in a while. I’ll join you in a bit with my coffee.

(author: Jonny from sci.casual)

Featured image credit: Wikimedia Commons, CC-BY-SA-40 International (author: Cgconstructora, 2015)


  1. Good luck with YouTube! (I, however, do love the written word so I hope to see continuing posts here!) Also, made me laugh out loud (really) with the fact that you’re doing research on research. Life comes full circle.

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  2. Fantastic post…intriguing and smile-inducing…not that you need it, but good luck on all your unfolding endeavours…so much on the go! Good for you…most admirable…thanks for sharing 🙂

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