The Top 5 of 2016

This is it – we’re going on video! This marks my directorial/producing/VO debut, and I’m putting it on Vimeo while I get the hang of doing vlogs or save up for better equipment…but I’ll still be hanging around Vimeo. Besides, I’m not planning to make money from this vlog (unless I start making and selling merch).

This is really the highlight reel of 2016 – the best of the year based on number of views (that I checked on like 2 weeks ago). Since this will be the last post for 2016, I’d like to thank everyone who’s been following this blog, those who’ve commented or commented back when I’ve posted on their websites, everyone in the Pool, and WordPress for Discovering one of my posts. This is for all of us, and here’s to a lovelier 2017!

(This was written too early for this, but I think I’ll shoehorn this one into the newest Daily Post about retrospectives)


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