An important announcement from sci.casual

If we were having coffee (as is custom on WordPress on quite a few Sundays), I would be coming to you with a heavy heart, specifically:

Copyright Royal Ontario Museum (@ROMtoronto)

Above is a blue whale heart, preserved at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto. Long believed to be the size of a Volkswagen Beetle, they mainly grow to be (according to the National Geographic Blog, click here and follow them, casuals!) 5x4x5 feet, and weighing in at 400 (or so) pounds. So instead of a Volkswagen Beetle, it’s probably about the size of a Peel P50, if Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear was faffing around in one. And that is the heavy heart that I bring to your Sunday coffee. Enjoy your coffee cake!








Right, almost forgot the announcement: I’m going on vacation, casuals!

Public Domain (Author: Baekmoon Sung, 2013)
Public Domain (Author: Free-Photos, 2016)


Public Domain (Author: snowlion, 2009)

Actual location/s and/or activities may vary, but for sure there will be a coffee shop in my list. Anyway, I’m off for some fun and sun and a 5K run, the latter in which I get colors thrown in my face. Meanwhile, the scientific research community is moving along, quietly getting their work done, papers published, and occasionally making the news like the blue whale heart thing or working with their respective college newspapers on press releases (nifty work if you can get it). When I get back from vacation, I’ll resume being the loud part of the scientific research community while loaded on coffee and dark chocolate, which I’ve already mentioned is an ongoing effort to become immortal.

And with that, I bid you all a hearty SEE YOU LATER!


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