Existential crises and coffee

Oh, I‘m fine, although I’ve not been posting lately. I’ve had to put science.casual on the backburner mostly because of my professorial duties (there will be a new post tomorrow – it’s scheduled and ready to go). There’s a lot of grading, curricular planning, a committee or two, and getting my research group up and running – and that was January and most of February! But as most semesters go, I got my groove going, and it’s not as overwhelming although the tasks are still about the same pace. It’s not easier, but maybe I’m just better. Or maybe it’s the ego talking, but what am I really but ego and caffeine?

The ‘existential crises’ come from – and this is why the previous paragraph emphasizes ‘mostly’ – the blog itself. I’m still continuing it, that’s not the problem here, but the real issue comes from ‘I’m going to continue it…as what?’ I had a lot of ideas when I started this blog, and while I’d like to be able to reach more people on a weekly basis (which is what all bloggers want, really), I have to do my part of generating content that would reach new people and have them come back for more. But what content could I do? I played around with a couple of ideas, like science-geeking around the southern Colorado area, or blogging my journey through being university faculty, or farting around video games or RPGs, maybe even a bit of podcasting. So there’s the existential crisis – this blog will continue to exist…as what? The usual snarkery around research articles will still be there, and that’s never going to change, but perhaps a bit of lifestyling that puts the casual in science.casual? If the research posts are the coffee in science.casual, I’m looking for the right pastry to go with it. What an overworked metaphor…

Public Domain (Author: Valentina, 2016)

What do you think, casuals? We got the science, how do we casual?

Featured Image: Flickr/Public Domain (Author: Pete, 2013)

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