About science.casual

I go by many names, mostly because of all the nicknames I’ve used over the years. Since this is a rather casual place in social media, I’m going to go by ‘Jonny’. That said, thanks for visiting science.casual (sci.cas for short). Speaking as a high school science teacher in a past life and an assistant professor in the current one, I like the sciences (not just chemistry, even though it is my favorite and my training) and I like talking about them. So why not blog about it?

There’s a lot of research going on out there, but the public doesn’t really get a hold of the sources. With a lot of research journals and articles going into Creative Commons licensing, that means one can get open access to these. Science for the people!

Public Domain (Author: Free-Photos, 2013)

But a lot of the studies are written by scientists for scientists. What about those of us with interests and reasonable science knowledge, but not the research training? That’s where the ‘casual’ part of this site comes in: I’m writing about some interesting (at least to me) research from the eyes of a casual observer with some knowledge of the sciences. Don’t let your past experiences with science classes (I’ve heard a lot of horror stories) get in the way of enjoying the sciences, even if only casually. On a related note, all of my Research-tagged posts have links to the Featured Articles. Feel free to read them (especially if they’re Open Access), but if you need some good ideas on how to read them to get the information that you want, Sophie Arthur from Soph talks science! has a post that could help you get moving.

Comment on the posts (or here) and don’t forget to follow me – there’s a blue “Follow” button at the bottom of each page for you WordPress people. Not a WordPresser? Don’t let that stop you – you can still comment and subscribe. Just check the widgets on the bottom of each page, follow the instructions, and you’ll get updates via e-mail. Or just follow me on Twitter @sci_jonny for sci.cas updates as well as a random mess of things. Think of it as a behind-the-scenes look at the kind of brain that runs this blog, which probably explains everything.

Pull up a chair and grab yourself a cup of coffee or tea – I’ll see you on the blog posts, casuals.

Public Domain (Author: Eak K., 2016)


  1. I am very pleased to have stumbled across your blog in the Community Pool! I’m a statistician, not a hard scientist but still empathetic to the desire for one’s field to be talked about more casually (yet still accurately!) at times for a wider audience.

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  2. You have no idea how excited I am to have stumbled across sci.cas !!
    Came here via Natalie’s (on But Why?) Pingback.
    I love your blog Jonny.

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  3. Accidentally stumbled across your blog in the community pool. Love it . Like another commenter, I deal with science on a day to day basis (neuroscience). I try to blog about science subjects that pique my interest in an accessible way as well. After all, theres no point in science if no one can understand it. Basically, you’ve nailed it.

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  4. This is great! I am largely addressing the same idea of making science articles more accessible to the general public but I focus on climate change and human impacts. I have written a couple post about biology like Go Home Earth your under the Weather and Save Our Busy Bees you might find a fancy to 🙂

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